The Legacy 05

015B, A.T - I Hate You

2019.9.17 Release

Music Video


The Legacy 05 ‘I Hate You'


Produced by 015B

Lyrics by 정석원

Composed by 정석원

Arranged by 정석원

Guitars by 장호일

Keyboards & Drums Programming by 정석원

Vocals & Chorus by A.T

Recorded by 홍용철 @Evermore Studios

Mixed by 정석원 @Team 89

Edited by 홍용철 @Evermore Studios

Mastered by 정석원 @Team 89


Art Direction & Design by 배하진


[Live Video CREDITS]

Filmed by JK

Cast A.T

​서울시 강남구 논현동 142길 37, 1F 더공일오비

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카카오톡(플러스친구추가) : @the015B


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